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          About us


              We Cixi Jiuling Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, founded in 1993, is located in the hometown of small home appliances - Cixi East Industrial Park and near the port city----- Ningbo. As a local famous micro-motor manufacturer, Jiuling has engaged in the development and production of micro-motor for nearly 20 years with experience.

              Jiuling also insists on the management aim of "quality for survival, innovation for development" and focus on the introduction of senior technical staff, learning of the advanced technology.Now Jiuling has established a standardized and complete management system. For high-level products , well-trained staff, high-efficient organization,good after-sales ,the prize was awarded to Jiuling several times by the local government.

              The JULN brand synchronous motor,stepper motor enjoy a ready market in all major cities and provinces in our country and also export to foreign countries, such as U.S.,EC,Middle east,east Asia and Southeast Asia etc.

              Now our company’s production capacity has reached 30 millions annually, and our products were widely used in Electric fan, oven, fireplace, warm air blower, air conditioner, microwave oven、textile machinery、oxygenerator、fly catcher、alarm apparatus、armarium、dehydration system、Water Filter Machine、ice maker、Vehicle shock absorbers、corn popper、coffee maker、 humidifier、soybean milk machine、educational instrument、ventilation installation、egg incubater、lamp、display case、air cleaner、water dispenser、artware、 valve、disinfection cabinet、pedestal pan、tobacco dryer、automatic tea machine and other household appliances .



          Tel: 0086-574-63780312 13968215666 Fax:0086-574-63788566

          Longshan Town,Cixi City,Zhejiang Province,China      Technical support: Passion