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          Testing Center

            Product quality plays an important role in business, so jiuling always insists on strict controlling in every process of production inspection . Our detection system is in accordance with international advanced industry standards, so the product quality can be controlled well to satisfied our customer.

            Now, We have about 80 sets of analysis and testing equipments,including anechoic chamber, vibrostand, noise and vibration analysis system, constant temperature experiment instrument, salt spray test chamber, dynamometer electric power test and analysis system, etc.

          • Two dimension measuring instrument
          • High-low temperature test chamber
          • TESTING CENTER
          • Vickers hardness tester
          • Projector
          • Glow wire test apparatus
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          Tel: 0086-574-63780312 13968215666 Fax:0086-574-63788566

          Longshan Town,Cixi City,Zhejiang Province,China      Technical support: Passion