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          R & D Center


              Founded in 2004,cixi city micro-motor tech-innovation centre situated in test centre building of cixi jiuling electrical appliance co.,Ltd. ,Which occupies 300 square meter. The centre’s main mission is Research and Development in micro-motor sector. and offer tech service and guidance.

              There are over 80 sets test apparatus in tech-innovation centre, including: anechoic chamber, Vibration Tester, Vibration measurement analysis,impact instrument, Constant Temperature and Humidity Facilities. Salt spary test case, Circle & Insulation Withstand Voltage Tester, Insulation Resistance Tester, Withstand Voltage Tester, electric lead tester, electrical leakage tester, Earth resistance tester, chassis dynamometer, chassis dynamometer control system, High Stability DC resistance tester, electrical capacity tester, Temperature rise test system. three coordinate measuring machine, fringe projection, Dynamometer Testing analyse system.

              The centre has combined study with research and production since its founded, relying on cixi jiuling electrical appliance co.,Ltd, the centre combine theory and practice, in order to upgrade developing potential quality.. This is a new technology era, in enterprises competition, in some sense, is talented persons competitions. In order to give more guidance to enterprise, The centre insist the theory research should exceed Manufacturing requirement. The centre have above 30 engineers tackle hard-nut problems in science and technology and theory research.

              Person with ability is the source of technology and innovation. The centre not only to enhance its research ability but also train more high-level, compound, innovative professionor..The young technical personnel also work hard to improve themselves. They create the good learning atmosphere in the centre and spread the idea of fair Discuss.




          Tel: 0086-574-63780312 13968215666 Fax:0086-574-63788566

          Longshan Town,Cixi City,Zhejiang Province,China      Technical support: Passion